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Name:Vossler York Azelas
userinfo by angelalpev

"The Eyes of the Resistance watch unblinking."

Fight to the Death

Standing slightly below 6 feet, Vossler still wears the standard issued uniform from his time serving as Captain in Knights of Dalmasca. (A green undergarment that keeps a good part of his neck and chest bare under brownish-orange leather tunic plated with pieces of square metalwork. His uniform is complete with shorts plated in the same fashion; steel shoulder guards, long protective gauntlets and metal-plated boots that reach his knees, leaving no part of his body unprotected. A belt and a leather choker complete the uniform.) Even without the armor, his military profession can be seen by the way he carries himself and how built he is. With his default frown on his face, Vossler keeps his dark hair slicked back, facial hair short and brown eyes perpetually narrowed. Not the most attractive man out there, but definitely not someone you’d mess with.

Vossler York Azelas from FFXII.
Played by: Ying.
RP journal at [info]gargleblasted.
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